Belly Dance Performance and Instructions by Aliya Dalal

Aliya Dalal in Dubai

Winner of numerous international competitions and awards, Aliya Dalal (also known as Jacinda) is a professional belly dance performer and instructor based in Washington DC, USA. Aliya is known for her graceful, powerful, and expressive dance style that combines traditional with modern theatrical dance elements. She performs regularly at restaurants, nightclubs, and special events throughout the East Coast as well as abroad.

Aliya specializes in classical and modern Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) and Folklore. She also performs Turkish, Lebanese, and Vintage Orientale (“American Cabaret”) styles of belly dance. Aliya can provide a dazzling, dynamic, and engaging belly dance performance for your next special event!

Aliya regularly teaches fun, educational dance and fitness workshops and classes for a variety of settings and events, such as fitness and wellness centers, healing events, conferences, and festivals. She is currently offering online and in-person classes and workshops in belly dancing and Pilates.

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